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Identifying a New and Better Pathway to Success


There are a number of reasons why a student may elect to transfer from one college to another. Whatever your reason, transferring does not have
to be difficult.

With the College Transfer Planning option, students receive step-by-step, personalized guidance through every facet of their transfer college search
and applications.

Comprehensive College Planning may include:

Discovery Session

Personality. Interests. Values. Abilities. Through one-to-one discussion and assessment, I expertly assess students in these four areas. I then facilitate guided reflection on students' academic triumphs, challenges, learning style, passions, extracurricular interests, and personal preferences with special focus on students' experiences at their current college of attendance. This body of information is not only essential to facilitating students' best matches in colleges; it also allows us to revisit career options and is essential knowledge for the bigger picture including life after college.

Career Exploration

Career goals can change after the college journey begins. For students in need of career exploration assistance, I examine the insights based on their personality, abilities, interests, and values alongside their feedback on the majors they initially pursued while at college to populate a list of best fits in careers. After guided research and reflection, students typically identify their ideal career or narrow down to two with the desire to explore further.

Transfer College Exploration

By educating students on college offerings and assisting them in developing a list of college criteria, students enter the Transfer College Exploration phase raring to go. They feel equipped and confident with the knowledge of who they are and what they need, academically and personally, to thrive in a college setting. At this time, I provide students a curated list of colleges to explore as well as the tools and support necessary to weigh each school's value and fit.

Transfer College List

Students and I conclude the college search with a list of colleges that will best equip students to meet their goals: academic, personal, and otherwise. Students and families feel confident moving forward with a well-researched, balanced, and thoughtful list of colleges at which students can integrate smoothly into their new community and classrooms and graduate with their intended degrees.

Application Coaching

Starting early, I assist students in tracking deadlines and application requirements of each, individual college including supplementary paperwork to ensure class credits will transfer. Students and I meet regularly to strategize and ensure they are organized, on track, and representing themselves in their best light while also staying true to their identity and journey. Additionally, I offer CustomCollegePlan to help students track every piece of their college applications through completion and submission.

Essay Development

One pillar of all transfer students' applications is their explanation of why they decided to leave their current college and what they will contribute to their new community. What a student chooses to focus on with regard to transferring colleges and how they choose to say it can influence an admissions decision strongly one way or the other. I blend self-reflection exercises with attentive coaching to help students craft their own, impactful essay.

Financial Aid Guidance

I offer a financial aid overview and general financial guidance. This includes instruction on use of Net Price Calculators, scholarship selection and application, and individual college requirements for financial aid consideration, including deadlines for FAFSA and CSS/Profile submission.

Decision Meetings

This is a time for celebration of students' incredible efforts, growth, and accomplishments. With all college and financial aid offers on the table, I help students examine every package with a fine tooth comb. Weighing this information against what students are looking for, I help my clients choose their future college of attendance.

Meetings between student, family, and consultant can be conducted in person or virtually via computer.



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