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Honoring Your Unique Identity and Gifts


Many students have college-related needs and goals influenced by their identity, background, culture, or learning style.

I welcome students and families from all walks of life and specialize in supporting a variety of populations, including those with diagnosed learning and mental health differences as well as those who identify as LGBTQ+.

​Learning Differences

I spent years writing academic accommodation plans for students with learning differences and now, share my insider knowledge with students and families. Let me help you understand the wide range of accommodations available at colleges, how to request academic accommodations, including pitfalls to avoid, and which colleges provide learning environments students can thrive in.

Mental Health Differences

A well-staffed counseling center, approachable professors, and a friendly student body are the basics of a mentally healthy college campus, but they are not everything. I go further with students to look into the full college experience, from on-campus pharmacies to active debunking of mental health stigma. In working with students with mental health differences, including those receiving outpatient treatment and those who've recently completed inpatient, I honor the student's journey and help tailor the college admission process to the student's wants, needs, and strengths.


I am proud to work with students and families of all gender identities, gender expressions, and sexual orientations and am committed to maintaining a safe space for my clients. I guide students in examining the measures of colleges' LGBTQ+ advocacy such as anti-discrimination policies, course offerings, student alliances, culture on and off campus, freshman orientation programming, housing options, and LGBTQ+ faculty/staff.


In gratitude for your service, I offer a discount for veterans and children of veterans.

Meetings between student, family, and consultant can be conducted in person or virtually via computer.




Contact me to learn more!

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