"Amy paid attention to my sons' strengths and preferences. She offered constructive guidance and kept them on track to help them through the grueling progress. My sons were ecstatic with their college choices, largely in part to her amazing insight. I would strongly recommend her to make your family's journey smooth and seamless."

"Amy thinks about the long-term future of the student. She takes the time to learn each student’s interests, what they excel at, and the type of people and environments in which they thrive. I owe my past, present, and future largely to her work as a college counselor."

"Amy cared deeply about my happiness and my future. By listening to the attributes I valued in a prospective college, Amy helped me find colleges and universities that I would not have otherwise considered. Through her counseling, I found a university that not only provided the collegiate experience I sought but also the foundation to succeed as a college student and a young professional."

"I can tell you from experience Amy is one of the best investments you'll ever make. My son is in his last year of graduate school with a job lined up at a top engineering firm, and all these years later, he still says Amy is the one who 'gave [him] the skills and the drive to succeed.' Well, if that isn't a testament to her good work, I don't know what is. Thank you, Amy!"

"Amy helped me develop a plan for applying to colleges tailored specifically to my needs and interests. Working with her allowed me to build mental confidence about tackling the challenges of college."

"Amy found a unique college major that fit my son's interest in working with specific kinds of cars and accredited college programs that would set him up for a promising future. She made sure he was fully prepared and supported every step of the way on his applications."

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