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Choose Your Topic, and I'll Do The Rest!


Let me bring my expertise to you. Whether you're interested in smart, next steps, what's trending, or a college planning night for high school parents or college transfers, contact me to learn about my many, on-site offerings.

Enjoy this snippet of a parent talk I gave on the skills, qualities, and mindset required for
teens to thrive 
in college and beyond as well as how parents can help teens attain them.




I offer a few, different formats to fit the

needs of your audience.

Group Presentations

I present to a variety of adult groups via middle and high schools, houses of worship, parents associations, athletic clubs, cultural associations, neighborhood organizations, workplaces, and more. I go beyond what's expected to provide presentations that are enlightening, engaging, and fully customized to fit each group's interests.

Presentation Series

Over multiple, short sessions, I can go in depth on one topic or cover the basics of a few, different topics. The Presentation Series is especially popular as lunchtime Lunch and Learns.

College Over Coffee

Invite me to come to your home, pastries and coffee in hand, and spend an hour with you and your friends discussing college admissions topics. This service is complimentary to you and a minimum of 4 guests. Additionally, host families receive a 1 hour consultation free of charge. *Available to families in Greater Portland, OR

Recent Topics Include:

  • College 101: An Overview of The Process, How It's Changed, and What's Coming

  • The 10 Best Ways for Parents to Support Their Students in the College Search

  • No Holds Barred Q&A: Ask Away!

  • Game Planning for Your Student's Year Ahead

  • College Admission for Students with Diagnosed Learning Differences

  • Lowering the Price of College: Lesser Known Methods to Cut Costs

  • The LGBTQ College Search: What It Involves and Where to Look

  • Post-secondary Planning for Students in Inpatient Mental Health Treatment

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