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How to Craft Unforgettable College Essays


Good college essays convey a small but special piece of who an applicant is to admissions officers. Truly great college essays gain applicants an ally in admissions, someone who will bolt down the hall and burst through the door of the director's office to then exclaim, "You have to read this applicant's essay about her hat collection!" I help students write that essay.

Essay Coaching may include:

Discovery Sessions

I enjoy digging deep with students to unearth their complexities - the admirable traits, endearing quirks, and valuable life experience not reflected on a transcript. Through thoughtful, guided reflection, students are then able to identify their most meaningful options for essay topics.

Essay Development

The college essay, also known as the Personal Statement, allows Admissions a closer look into one, meaningful aspect of a student's identity. It should go beyond transcript and test scores to add depth, heart, and context to a student as well as evidence a student's writing abilities. I blend self-reflection exercises with attentive coaching to help students craft their own, impactful essay.

Supplemental Essays and Activities List

Other features of a college application require strong writing skills and strategy, namely the Activities List and Supplemental Essays. I offer continued writing support in these areas, as both provide students the valuable opportunity to personalize their application and leave a lasting impression.

Meetings between student, family, and consultant can be conducted in person or virtually via computer.



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